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Crave Coffee 30A: Brewing community bonds and sharing passions along the Emerald Coast

Collin Bestor
Northwest Florida Daily News
Published 5:17 a.m. ET Dec. 15, 2023

Before the residents of Fort Walton Beach could be transported to a Winter Wonderland on Dec. 8, Rachael and Jason Tibesar were putting the final touches on the opening process ahead of a busy evening before the window opened to introduce attendees to the newest coffee spot on the Emerald Coast: Crave Coffee 30A.

Jason was hand-pressing each cardboard sleeve with the company logo on the side. Rachael and her daughter Mattie ensured inventory was in the correct spot so everything could run smoothly. The boiler was warming, the Christmas music was playing, and not long after, customers were lined up waiting to receive their first cup as they enjoyed a Winter Wonderland.

The story behind Crave Coffee 30A

Before finding a new home on Scenic 30A, the Tibesars owned a CrossFit gym in Arizona for 16 years and always wanted to add a coffee bar to their business.

“The thing is, we always had the dream to do coffee and we always wanted to do a smoothie bar too,” said Rachael. “We just never thought of doing it mobile.”

Their plans for adding that coffee bar to their business took a turn after Rachael’s pregnancy coincided with some financial challenges with the CrossFit business, prompting them to reassess.

Once the Tibesars left the gym business in Arizona, they bought an RV and traveled the country to move closer to the East Coast because Jason has family in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The pair have had previous clients who knew about the area, and once they visited the area, they were immediately hooked.

Once settled, the pair decided to follow their venture into the coffee business. After learning the tools of the trade from another coffee business, the Tibesars ventured out on their own and for the past three weeks, Crave Coffee 30A has been a fixture on the local coffee scene.

On your average visit to Crave Coffee, the person you are most likely to see is their daughter, Mattie, but the whole family goes into making a three-hour shift as successful as possible.

“I make her do the window,” said Rachael. “She’s a big part of it. People are really impressed that she’s able to handle it, you know, just socially and talking to people and running credit cards.”

“I am the mule in the back of the house,” said Jason. “While (Rachael and Mattie) make the connection with the community.”

Reporter’s reaction to our iced latte

Our Golden Doodle iced latte

What’s on the menu at Crave Coffee 30A?

Crave Coffee 30A’s menu pays homage to the beauty seen along the Emerald Coast. Every coffee and hand-crafted lemonade on the menu is a nod to local sights and places. Some signature brews include the “Sea Turtle,” a blend of caramel and mocha, and the “Goldendoodle,” a refreshing white chocolate and honey mix.

“Every time you walk around 30A, you’ll see a Goldendoodle everywhere,” said Rachael. “The names kind of resonate with locals.”

As for the hand-crafted lemonades, some choices include the “Crab Island,” which is a sweet mix of blue raspberry, coconut and pineapple. Or customers can try “The 30A,” which is a blend of watermelon, coconut and pineapple.

For the Christmas season, Crave Coffee 30A has five holiday-themed drinks on its menu. According to Racheal, no drink is more popular than “The Nutcracker,” which has salted caramel, chocolate and hazelnut flavors. Other holiday beverages include the Peppermint Frost Latte, The Gingerbread Man, Santa’s Beard and Red-Nose Reindeer.

Crave Coffee 30A also goes beyond just serving coffee. The menu also extends to delectable baked goods made fresh from Sugar Sands Sweets in Panama City Beach. Eventually, the pair will also serve acai bowls with other breakfast and lunch options.

What’s the best way to keep up with Crave Coffee 30A?

The best way to keep up with Crave Coffee 30A is through its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. On most days, the pop-up location is at the 30A Luxury RV Resort, 821 N. County Highway 393, Santa Rosa Beach.

Since the business is mobile and can operate from anywhere, Crave Coffee 30A will become a mainstay at community events from Fort Walton Beach to Panama City Beach.

“I want them to feel like they’re family first and foremost,” said Rachael. “We are a part of this community where locals were giving back into this community. We are looking to build a community of coffee enthusiasts.”

“We’re not just serving coffee; we’re making relationships and building the community, as well.”

Our hot lattes are fire!

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At the South Walton HS Soccer game, Alex exclaimed, “better than Starbucks and our fraps are “gas!”
Alex B.

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USA Today Reporter tries our Golden Doodle

At the Camp Gulf event, John stopped by our Crave Coffee 30A “Buzz Wagon”, eager to escape the blazing panhandle sun. As a reporter for USA Today tasked with reviewing local hotspots, he had heard great things about our iced coffee drinks. However, coming from the Pacific Northwest, he had always preferred hot coffee and seen icy varieties as inferior.

We convinced John to try Crave’s specialty Golden Noodle iced latte. The first sip was a revelation – smooth cold milk and espresso mingled with sweet honey and spices over a base of turmeric and ginger. The flavours enlivened John’s senses with their vibrant complexity. He realized iced coffee could be just as satisfying as hot. When he left Crave Coffee, John knew his readers were in for a treat. Our little Panama City Beach coffee trailer was serving iced coffee so flavorful it could win over even the biggest skeptic.

Video ~ Reporter’s reaction to our iced latte

Our Golden Doodle iced latte
Our Golden Doodle iced latte